Make Mother’s Day extra special with these tech gifts

Make Mother's Day extra special with these tech gifts

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Let’s face it. Moms dedicate a lot of time to their kids. That’s why they need a few smart tech gadgets to help streamline and enhance their daily routine.

More and more smart gadgets with incredible capabilities hit the market every year. Think: Speakers that respond to voice commands, smartphone photo printers, robot vacuums and more.

To help you start shopping for mom, we rounded up a list of our top picks when treating that special lady in your life this year.

Is mom frustrated with a weak Wi-Fi signal around the house? Buy her this Wi-Fi range extender. Read our full review of the TP-Link AC1750, a gadget designed to improve your internet speed and strength at home.

If you video chat with mom, this is the charging stand she needs. That way, she can keep up the conversation without having to strain to hold her phone at face level.

Many moms spend a majority of their time doting on others. This Mother’s Day, give your mom the gift of convenience with the Google Home Mini. Just by using voice commands, she can ask her device to tell her the weather, give news updates, play music and more.

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Rarely have we seen a fitness tracker that’s so stylish. This new version from Fitbit tracks runs and workouts, and monitors your heart rate. You can pair it with your phone for apps and notifications.

Allow mom to instantly print photos from her smartphone by gifting her this handy HP printer. With each charge, she can print up to 30 pictures straight from her camera roll or social media accounts.

The ultimate way to give mom a break from cleaning? The iRobot Roomba 980. We tried out this powerful little bot vacuum and were seriously impressed. Not only is it effective at picking up dust and debris, but it also syncs with your phone so that you can schedule cleanings and start it from your phone when you’re away.

7. The Sonos One Speaker with built-in Amazon Alexa ($199;

If mom is looking to increase her music listening game, the Sonos One with built-in Amazon Alexa is the way to go. Mom can request it to play certain songs using just her voice. And, as for sound quality, Sonos is an industry leader.

Dyson will create a comfortable temperature in your home. It heats, cools and purifies the air using top-of-the-line technology.

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