The 7 Best Netflix Shows And Movies Debuting April 2018


The 7 Best Netflix Shows And Movies Debuting April 2018

Instead of debuting many original shows throughout the month, the streaming service is adding far more movies. Remember back in March when the stellar shows “Collateral,” “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” and “Love” all debuted new episodes in the same week? There’s nothing like that this month.

Personally, I’m most excited for the movie “6 Balloons” and the two docuseries, “Chef’s Table: Pastry” and “Bobby Kennedy for President.” It’s hard to top March’s hit docuseries “Wild Wild Country,” which you should really be sure to watch if you haven’t already, but I’m definitely still looking forward to these new projects.

The one high-profile fiction show, “Lost in Space,” has already been getting buzz as the trailers have been streamed millions of times. The show, with a beautifully crafted sci-fi setting, certainly looks impressive.

I also feel compelled to share with you that a show called “The Boss Baby: Back in Business” will join Netflix on April 6. I was not aware that The Boss Baby had gone out of business, but now the business is apparently back.

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Premise: A woman tries to help her brother overcome an addiction to heroin and simultaneously save his young daughter.

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Premise: Seth Rogen hosts a comedy event to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s. 

Premise: A continuation of the “Chef’s Table” series with a focus on talented pastry chefs around the world.

Premise: A famous pastor has a crisis of faith and has to decide whether to keep his job or follow his new path.

Premise: A family has to figure out how to survive on an alien planet they didn’t expect to move to.

Premise: A father and son reconnect while taking a road trip to develop Kodak’s Kodachrome film.

Premise: A look into Robert Kennedy’s political rise and untimely end.

Premise: Teams try to build strange cars that can go faster than expensive models.

Premise: Spiritual leader Ram Dass reflects on his life and shows off how he’s spending his final days.

Premise: An import from Australia that centers around a new mom.

Premise: This is an Adam Sandler and Chris Rock movie that looks pretty bad, but lots of people will probably watch for some reason.

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