Virtual ‘Minecraft’ convention Minecon Earth returns September 29th


Virtual 'Minecraft' convention Minecon Earth returns September 29th

Minecon is returning to a livestream near you. On September 29th, the virtual fan convention will broadcast a 90-minute show featuring panels, a costume contest and news. To participate in the first two, you just need to fill out an application form and submit photos, respectively, and if the judging committee is impressed with your ideas, you could get flown to the filming location and be a part of the show.

The Saturday stream will also show off new features and live gameplay, along with a few surprises. Last year was the first time Microsoft tried a virtual convention after holding physical ones the world over. Since the company is doing another, last year’s must’ve been a success from a financial and community perspective.

Not to be confused with the main franchise bundles headed to the Switch.

1,500 people gave permission, but that could affect many more users.

The only thing it reliably did was cause eczema breakouts.

The plates can alert authorities after an accident and change their displays.

Viewers will have the chance to crowdfund the director’s next feature film.

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