5 Netflix Shows To Watch If You Like ‘Game Of Thrones’


5 Netflix Shows To Watch If You Like ‘Game Of Thrones’

“Game of Thrones” just wrapped a 55-night production schedule for a single battle scene you’ll be able to watch in the upcoming final season. But, as you’re probably well aware, you still have a long wait for Season 8, which isn’t debuting until 2019.

So you might want a few shows to tide you over until you can finally see these new episodes. HBO doesn’t really have aesthetically similar shows, but as Netflix has over 1,500 shows in its library, there are obviously a few that have clear resemblances to “Game of Thrones.”

Netflix added many of these relevant shows with gratuitous sword-based fighting, warring families and plentiful sex scenes in just the last few years, so it’s also safe to say the popularity of “Game of Thrones” is at least part of the reason Netflix gobbled up these shows in the first place.

As “Game of Thrones” is both a very popular and (at least generally) critically adored series, a list of recommended titles to watch next could really feature any other successful, well-written show. If you like “Game of Thrones,” your taste would probably lead you to HBO’s “Westworld” or even something fairly dissimilar at face value like FX’s “Atlanta.” So if you just want recommendations for other good shows, you can also check out HuffPost’s weekly roundup of what to watch.

Here, we’re specifically focused on shows that have distinct visual and narrative similarities to “Game of Thrones.” This list is if you basically want to watch episodes of “Game of Thrones” you haven’t seen yet, but can’t. Maybe if you squint while watching “Frontier” from the list below, you’ll just see Jason Momoa doing a violent act and think ― “Hey, this ‘Game of Thrones’ episode is pretty good.” That’s the goal here.

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Premise: This is based on a novel series called The Saxon Stories, which the British author Bernard Cornwell wrote. The story takes place in the 9th century as the kingdoms in what would become the area of England are still divided. These kingdoms are also under attack from the Vikings.

The story kind of has a “Gangs of New York” vibe of warring groups centered around a protagonist that needs to avenge his father and outside forces, who make ideas of tribalism less important.

Premise: This stars Jason Momoa, who played Khal Drogo in “Game of Thrones,” so similarity points there.

Momoa’s character is a ruthless figure in the Canadian frontier during the 1700s. His goal is to upset the authority of the Hudson’s Bay Company over the fur trade. He does this through tons of violence.

Premise: The most popular show on this list is also the oldest. “The Tudors” ended a four-season run in 2010.

This show delves into an imagined backstory of the famous King Henry VIII, who famously killed many of his wives to move on to different women. This has similar royal power struggles and gratuitous love scenes to “Game of Thrones.”

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Premise: The Netflix series, “Borgia,” is a loose interpretation of history. The 2011 show depicts the rise of the Borgia family during the Renaissance period as they took over the papacy. The series has a similar appeal of “The Tudors,” with the warring families and plethora of lovemaking.

Confusingly, there’s another show that came out at roughly the same time called “The Borgias,” produced by Showtime, that is also on Netflix. “Borgia,” the show recommended here, seems to be the better of the two, but if you end up loving this show, you could always watch the slightly different version as well.

Premise: This series is actually a comedy and with just a few episodes, “Norsemen” is certainly the easiest watch on the list.

It’s basically a workplace comedy, but the workplace is a Viking tribe in the late 700s.

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